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What To Watch Out For

There are a lot of vibrators that are made as a novelty and break easily so it is important to choose wisely, selecting from a reputable store with high quality products.

The most important thing when buying a vibrator online is knowing the SIZE. Please refer to the measurements supplied by the retailer they have outlined by each of the products so that you do not get something that is too big or small. If the retailer doesn't list sizes, or can't supply them we suggest you move on to another retailer that can. Not being able to inform you of size 'suggests' a company with bad business ethics, and lack of product knowledge. There are many, many more reputable companies.

Determining Size

Sometimes it is hard to gage what is the best size. I remember ordering my first dildo online and then getting one that was supposed to be “realistic” and ended up thinking that King Kong himself would be envious when I saw how big it actually was! :tomcat

  May I suggest using a simple test of finger width or vegetable testing before deciding on a width or length.
Using your fingers or a vegetable like a carrot or cucumber may help you decide what width and length to get.
You should certainly wash or cover with a condom anything you insert in any orifice of your body prior and then take some time to determine what will bring you the most pleasure.
You can also have a partner assist in either exercise for a fun sexual adventure!

Diameter Vs. Circumference

Also, remember the difference between circumference and diameter when assessing how large your sex toy is going to be.

Article: tomcat for The Beginner's Guide to Vibrators ©

Many, many thank yous to Cle-Andria for her help with images, allowing us to destroy her shop shelves in the name of kink, and her wealth of information.

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