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Chapter 16

In which Ralph loses eighty pounds

Eileen and Ralph met in a bicycle club.They fell in love and decided they’d rather not have the rest of the club along when they went riding, so they became a steady twosome.They shared week after week of fun and adventure, marveled at their compatibility, married, and set about playing house.
That’s where their difficulties began-playing house.Eileen had been raised in the belief that a wife ought to feed her husband well, while Ralph had been raised to welcome her cooking as an offering of love.As often happens, they overdid their roles and Ralph started gaining weight.It wasn’t much of a problem at first because Ralph, five feet ten inches tall, was a very thin 145 pounds when they met, and he was still getting plenty of exercise, but that soon changed.
He had been working as a computer operator for a mid-sized bank and doing an outstanding job of it.His talent caught the attention of the chief systems programmer, and when Ralph and Eileen had been married three months, he was invited to move up to a world of sixty-hour weeks-system maintenance nearly every weekend, political lunches most other days, more money, and the opportunity for further advancement.Naturally he accepted.His new duties left no time for cycling, and his weight increased at an alarming rate.When he and Eileen celebrated their second wedding anniversary he weighed 217 pounds.
Ralph’s weight was a problem to Eileen.She had always been turned off by fat men, and now, if she looked at Ralph objectively, she was thoroughly grossed out.Usually she managed to avoid complete objectivity, distorting her perception so as to see him at some intermediate weight.She couldn’t do that, though, when they fucked.That was a nightmare.Ralph’s arms weren’t strong enough to support the rest of him-not for any length of time-and as he got carried away with sexual excitement, he’d relax them, crushing Eileen and making it impossible for her to breathe.By the time she realized what was happening, she often had too little air in her lungs to say anything, and she had to give Ralph a rough push, or even hit him, to get his attention.He was always duly apologetic, but Eileen couldn’t help feeling that he didn’t care about her-that he regarded her as a mere implement of sexual satisfaction rather than a human being.

On several occasions Eileen tried to avoid being crushed by getting on top, but Ralph wouldn’t let her.If her attempt was purely physical, he repositioned her.If she talked about it, he accused her, jokingly, of latent homosexuality or transsexuality, or of trying to turn him queer.Sometimes he said he just didn’t like doing it that way. Eileen found his protests difficult to believe, and when she discussed the matter with me, I explained that that was because they were less than honest.

Ralph wasn’t a homophobe, and he had too solid a sense of reality to believe that Eileen’s climbing on top was a threat to his heterosexuality or that it reflected deviance on her part.He pretended otherwise simply to keep Eileen underneath, and his reason for wanting her there was the sense of control it gave him.Some of that control was symbolic but most of it was real.Some men-and I’m sure Ralph was among them-resist being fucked from above for fear the stimulation will be too intense and they won’t be able to slow it or control their responses.It’s not that they’re afraid their partners are ingenious enough to inflict my favorite torture; they worry that they’ll be made to come too quickly and they dread the embarrassment.

Ralph’s refusal to let Eileen get on top wouldn’t have been a problem if not for his weight; being on top wasn’t one of her needs.She would have preferred that Ralph get his weight under control, and he himself said he wanted to.They went so far as to agree that Eileen would no longer cook for him so he wouldn’t feel obliged to eat.For reasons of which she was only dimly aware, it was a difficult agreement for her to accept; when Ralph proposed it, she took it as badly as some women take their husbands’ requests that they be permitted extramarital affairs.Still, the need was so clear, she had to agree.Unfortunately it did no good.Ralph’s weight soon reached 225 and Eileen could now rely on being asphyxiated every time they fucked.

Finally she decided she’d had enough and reacted with a vengeance.She bought a digital scale, weighed Ralph once, and told him the rules. He was going to be her sex slave, and he was going to get his weight back down to the 145 pounds it had been when they met.(She was tempted to go for his original weight-about seven pounds-but she thought better of it.)When he wanted sex, she’d weigh him on her scale, hiding the reading from his view.Then she’d tie him to the bed and he’d eat her.If he hadn’t lost half a pound since the last time he’d come, that would be it; his lust wouldn’t be satisfied until he’d lost at least half a pound. If he’d lost half a pound but not a whole pound, she’d make him come by hand but she wouldn’t fuck him.If he’d lost a pound or more, she’d fuck him but he’d have to remain tied while she did; she wouldn’t let him get on top until his weight was all the way down to 145.She wouldn’t be sexually available at all during her periods, and she also warned him that he’d better not try to cheat by playing with himself or he’d be in for an unpleasant surprise.

As to how he lost the weight, that was up to him.She would refrain from offering him food, but he could eat as much or as little as he chose, whenever and wherever he liked.He wasn’t to use the digital scale, and she would keep her readings secret, but he could monitor his weight on any other scale, and he could time his sexual requests any way he wanted.
She knew that Ralph would accept her rules.He found her a powerful turn-on and couldn’t possibly choose celibacy while living with her.Neither could he easily arrange an affair:he was so fat that few women would have him, his work kept him too busy to go looking, and all the women with whom he regularly came in contact knew he was married and were at least somewhat friendly with Eileen.
She gave him the rules on the first day of her period, hoping he would accumulate a full-pound loss by the time it was over.Indeed she hoped he would accumulate a full-pound loss every time she had her period, and she had set up the rules with just that in mind, because she herself always craved a good fuck right after the bleeding stopped.She understood, though, that Ralph might not cooperate, and she was determined to stick to the program regardless.

Surprisingly Ralph said okay; but in retrospect, that was only because he knew Eileen was always horny after her period and he expected that when the time came, she would conveniently forget everything she’d said.He must have figured that if he could get her to make an exception to her rules at the very beginning, the project would be completely derailed.
Sure enough, as soon as Eileen’s period was over, Ralph came on to her.It was five o’clock on a Wednesday morning, and he had just come home from working all night on an emergency.She resisted his advances and reminded him how things were going to be.
“Come on, I need you.You can’t expect us to give up sex until I lose eighty pounds.”
“No, we’ll have lots of sex; but each time, you’re going to have to lose at least half a pound to earn it.”
“Aren’t you horny?”
“Yes, but I can wait if I have to.If you want, I’ll weigh you right now.Then I’ll tie you down and you can eat me.What happens then depends on how much you weigh.”
He agreed to be weighed, then argued some more when Eileen refused to tell him what the scale said until after he’d eaten her.She wouldn’t give in though, and he wound up cooperating.
When he’d satisfied her, she gave him the bad news.He’d gained half a pound.Now he’d have to lose a whole pound just to have her bring him off by hand, or a pound and a half if he wanted to fuck.He raged at the unfairness of it all, then realized Eileen wasn’t going to untie him until he calmed down, so he got himself under control.She released him and started getting ready for work, thankful for the excuse to escape his frustration.
Ralph argued through most of Wednesday evening, Thursday morning, Thursday evening and Friday morning.Eileen found it a drag, having to hear and recite the same words over and over, but she noticed through it all that Ralph wasn’t eating-at least not so she could see-and that seemed promising.
Friday evening, instead of arguing, Ralph asked to be weighed.He’d lost the pound and a half, but Eileen refused to tell him until he’d eaten her.He resumed his arguing, but she held firm, finally pointing out that even if he had a reward coming, he wasn’t going to get it until he was tied to the bed.That convinced him and he let her tie him.She straddled his face and warmed herself up on his mouth, then straddled his cock, slid it into her pussy, and fucked him.It took just four strokes to make him come, and it was a big one. “You were horny!”
“Yeah, it’s been too long.”
Ralph didn’t argue after that.Sunday evening, after the weekend’s work, he asked Eileen to weigh him again and she did.This time he let her tie him down without asking what the scale said. When she’d had enough of his eating her, she told him that he’d lost a